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Microbial Biotechnology: Role in Ecological Sustainability and Research

Pankaj Chowdhary, Sujata Mani, Preeti Chaturvedi, 1119834457, 9781119834458, 978-1119834458

English | 2022 | PDF

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A holistic approach covering a wide range of environmental microbial applications along with current and future trends

In  Microbial Biotechnology: Role in Ecological Sustainability and  Research, a team of distinguished researchers delivers an authoritative  overview of the role of microbial biotechnology in the pursuit of  environmental and ecological sustainability. The book provides readers  with compelling presentations of microbial technology, including its  applications in the removal of environmental pollutants, and sustainable  agriculture using microbial biocontrol agents or bio-fertilizers.

Readers  will also be able to explore the microbial reduction of greenhouse  gases and a wide range of other cutting-edge applications, including the  removal of various toxic environmental contaminants, such as  antibiotics, pesticides, dyes, and heavy metals.

Microbial Biotechnology provides:
A  thorough introduction to microorganisms, their metabolic engineering,  the human microbiome, and other foundational topicsAn in-depth  exploration of environmental management, including bioremediation  through a nexus approachA fulsome treatment of current trends in  microbial biotechnology and its role in sustainable production
Perfect  for professionals in applied microbiology, biotechnology, environmental  engineering, green chemistry, and soil science, Microbial  Biotechnology: Role in Ecological Sustainability and Research will also  earn a place in the libraries of research scholars, scientists, and  academicians with an interest in environmental microbiology and ecology.