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Microscopy and Microanalysis for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Cai Shen, 103228952X, 9781032289526, 978-1032289526, 978-1-032-28952-6 , 978-1-032-28954-0, 978-1032289540, 9781032289540, 978-1-003-29929-5, 9781003299295, 978-1003299295, B0C1K149KK

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The past three decades have witnessed  the great success of lithium-ion batteries, especially in the areas of  3C products, electrical vehicles, and smart grid applications. However,  further optimization of the energy/power density, coulombic efficiency,  cycle life, charge speed, and environmental adaptability are still  needed. To address these issues, a thorough understanding of the  reaction inside a battery or dynamic evolution of each component is  required. Microscopy and Microanalysis for Lithium-Ion Batteries  discusses advanced analytical techniques that offer the capability of  resolving the structure and chemistry at an atomic resolution to further  drive lithium-ion battery research and development.

  • Provides comprehensive techniques that probe the fundamentals of Li-ion batteries
  • Covers the basic principles of the techniques involved as well as its application in battery research
  • Describes details of experimental setups and procedure for successful experiments

This  reference is aimed at researchers, engineers, and scientists studying  lithium-ion batteries including chemical, materials, and electrical  engineers, as well as chemists and physicists.