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Molecular Mechanisms of Functional Food

Rocio Campos-Vega, B. Dave Oomah, 1119804027, 9781119804024, 978-1119804024

English | 2022 | PDF

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Comprehensive resource for understanding state-of-the-art mechanisms behind food health effects

This  book provides information on the development and validation of  functional foods towards their market and industrial application. It  covers the available information on developments, efficacy, and testing  and safety, while demonstrating the proven or potential effects of food  on health and disease.

With contributions from the foremost  experts in the field, this book will bring readers up to speed on the  state of the art in the mechanisms behind food health effects, from  their physiological bases to their conception, current uses, and future  developments. Sample topics covered by the authors include:
The  molecular mechanisms of action of antioxidant fibers, prebiotics,  ginger, and cinnamonSaffron, a functional food with potential molecular  effectsPseudocereals, ancestral grains that can serve as a source of  bioactive compounds for functional foodsMolecular effects of future  functional foods – psychobiotics, chronobiotics, hempseed, opuntia,  common and carioca beans, coffee and cocoa by-products
Food industry  professionals, government workers involved in projects related to food,  and students in programs of study related to food can use this book as  an up-to-date reference to fully understand the effects that many common  and uncommon foods have on humans.