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Motorcycle Engineering

Andrew Livesey | 036741919X, 0367419203, 978-0367419196, 978-0367419202, 9780367419196, 9780367419202, B08XY7QL1P

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PDF 2021

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Motorcycle Engineering is a primer and technical introduction for anyone interested in motorcycles, motorcycling, and the motorcycle industry. It provides insight into how motorcycles are made and operated.

Motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters are important factors in world transport, and they are playing an increasingly important role in transport policy as we move towards greater environmental awareness. Motorcycles and scooters give freedom of personal transport that enable large commuter distances to be covered quickly and easily. Their small footprint offers easy storage as only minimal space is required. To celebrate the importance of motorcycles on the world stage, a brief history is included with a detailed timeline detailing the development of the motorcycle alongside major world events.

Written in an accessible fashion, no previous knowledge of engineering or technology is required, as all technical terms are readily explained and a glossary and abbreviation list is included. Whether you are an enthusiast, racer, student, or industry professional, you will surely find this an enjoyable read and a handy reference book on your shelf.