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Multifunctional Antennas and Arrays for Adaptive Communication Systems

Satish K. Sharma, Jia-Chi S. Chieh | 1119535050, 978-1119535058, 9781119535058, B092TTMPBZ

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PDF 2021

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Offers an up-to-date discussion of multifunctional antennas and arrays for wireless communication systems

Multifunctional Antennas and Arrays for Wireless Communication Systems is a comprehensive reference on state-of-the-art reconfigurable antennas and 4G/5G communication antennas. The book gives a unique perspective while giving a comprehensive overview of the following topics:

•Frequency reconfigurable antennas

•Pattern reconfigurable antennas

•Polarization reconfigurable antennas

•Reconfigurable antennas using Liquid Metal, Piezoelectric, and RF MEMS

•MIMO and 4G/5G wireless communication antennas

•Metamaterials and metasurfaces in reconfigurable antennas

•Multifunctional antennas for user equipments (UEs)

•Defense related antennas and applications

•Flat panel phased array antennas

The book is a valuable resource for the practicing engineer as well as for those within the research field. As wireless communications continuously evolves, more and more functionally will be required, and thus multifunctional antennas and RF systems will be necessary. These multifunctional antennas will require a degree of reconfigurability, and this book discusses various methods which enable this. The main topics of frequency, pattern, and polarization reconfigurability is first discussed. Methods utilizing unique materials and devices, both real and artificial are discussed. The book also delves into 4G/5G antennas as it relates to MIMO, and millimeter-wave phased arrays. Finally, there is a section on defense related multifunctional RF antenna systems.