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Multiplicative Differential Calculus

Svetlin Georgiev, Khaled Zennir, 9781032289137, 978-1-032-28912-0, 978-1-032-28913-7, 978-1-003-29908-0, 1032289120, 978-1032289120, 978-1032289120, B09ZW4YSN5

English | 2023 | PDF

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This book is devoted to the multiplicative differential calculus. Its seven pedagogically organized chapters summarize the most recent contributions in this area, concluding with a section of practical problems to be assigned or for self-study.

Two operations, differentiation and integration, are basic in calculus and analysis. In fact, they are the infinitesimal versions of the subtraction and addition operations on numbers, respectively. From 1967 till 1970, Michael Grossman and Robert Katz gave definitions of a new kind of derivative and integral, moving the roles of subtraction and addition to division and multiplication, and thus established a new calculus, called multiplicative calculus. It is also called an alternative or non-Newtonian calculus. Multiplicative calculus can especially be useful as a mathematical tool for economics, finance, biology, and engineering.

Multiplicative Differential Calculus is written to be of interest to a wide audience of specialists such as mathematicians, physicists, engineers, and biologists. It is primarily a textbook at the senior undergraduate and beginning graduate level and may be used for a course on differential calculus. It is also for students studying engineering and science.