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Mutual Coupling Between Antennas

Trevor S. Bird | 1119564980, 978-1119564980, 9781119564980, B097Z5DZYG

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Mutual Coupling Between Antennas

A guide to mutual coupling between various types of antennas in arrays such as wires, apertures and microstrip patches or antennas co-sited on platforms

Mutual Coupling Between Antennas explores the theoretical underpinnings of mutual coupling, offers an up-to-date description of the physical effects of mutual coupling for a variety of antennas, and contains techniques for analysing and assessing its effects. The book puts the topic in historical context, presents an integral equation approach, includes the current techniques, measurement methods, and discusses the most recent advances in the field.

With contributions from noted experts on the topic, the book reviews practical aspects of mutual coupling and examines applications that clearly demonstrate where the performance is impacted both positively and negatively. Mutual Coupling Between Antennas contains information on how mutual coupling can be analysed with a wide range of methods from direct computer software using discrete methods, to integral equations and Greens function methods as well as approximate asymptotic methods. This important text:

•Provides a theoretical background for understanding mutual coupling between various types of antennas

•Describes the interaction that occurs between antennas, both planned and unplanned

•Explores a key aspect of arrays in any wireless, radar or sensing system operating at radio frequencies

•Offers a groundbreaking book on antenna mutual coupling

Written for antenna engineers, technical specialists, researchers and students, Mutual Coupling Between Antennas is the first book to examine mutual coupling between various types of antennas including wires, horns, microstrip patches, MIMO antennas, co-sited antennas and arrays in planar or conformal configurations.