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MXene Membranes for Separations, Haihui Wang, Yanying Wei, Li Ding, 9783527347940, 3527347941, 9783527828838, 9783527828852, 9783527828845, 978-3527347940, 978-3527828838, 978-3527828852, 978-3527828845, B09QC5HTSP

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زبان کتاب: انگلیسی
فرمت فایل: PDF
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Explore critical and groundbreaking MXene applications and technologies  In MXene Membranes for Separations, a team of distinguished researchers  delivers a comprehensive and instructive summary of the latest research  and techniques in the development of MXene. It offers an insightful view  of MXene properties as a membrane in separation applications, including  gas separation, ion sieving, solvent dehydration, nanofiltration, and  ultrafiltration. Covering various aspects of two-dimensional membranes  based on MXene materials, the book summarizes the separation mechanism,  compares separation performances, and analyzes the advantages and  disadvantages of different approaches. It also considers the research  and industrial prospects of current MXene membranes for separation  applications on nanofiltration, gas separation, ion sieving, solvent  dehydration, and water/oil separation. The book also includes: A  thorough introduction to 2D membranes, including membrane development,  separation mechanisms, and fabrication methods Comprehensive  explorations of MXene nanosheets and membranes, including the  preparation and characterization of MXene nanosheets and membranes  Practical discussions of MXene membranes for the isolation of  antibiotics, including explorations of physical adsorption and advanced  oxidation In-depth examinations of MXene membranes for ion separation  Perfect for membrane scientists, materials scientists, and inorganic  chemists, MXene Membranes for Separations will also earn a place in the  libraries of complex chemists and engineering scientists seeking a  timely overview of critical MXene applications