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MXLTIPLY: A Social Media Guide for Every Entrepreneur to Connect With a Multitude of People, Gain a Massive Following, and Mxltiply Your Sales

Bryan Switalski, 979-8985203219, 9798985203219, B09S62GDV7, B09KJN5C4K

English | 2021 | EPUB, Converted PDF | 3 MB

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Most social media marketing is a complete waste of time. Brands spend  thousands of dollars a month with little to no return. On top of this,  the ad marketplace has so violently shifted, costing double or more to  get the same results as the previous year. And yet, social media has  become "the front page of the internet." How do you stand out from the  crowd in such a harsh landscape?

This book reveals the blueprint to increase your EFFECT:

Reach a multitude of the right people with your message
Gain a loyal following of people who want what you have to offer
Create compelling content that converts an audience into buyers
In  MXLTIPLY, you'll learn a framework to help your brand cut through the  noise, multiply your EFFECT - not your effort, and focus on what's  ACTUALLY working to generate much-needed cash flow. In this book, you'll  discover one of the most significant shifts in social media. It doesn't  matter which platform you're on or if you're just getting started.

This shift is an opportunity to reach your ideal customer like never before.

In MXLTIPLY, Bryan Switalski teaches marketers and business owners how to captivate their customers with seven simple steps.

His  proven process has helped brands engage with their ideal customers  exponentially, multiplying their EFFECT, not their effort…in some cases  driving more engagement in a single day than the past year. MXLTIPLY  does this by teaching you:

The seven steps to developing compelling content people want to consume;
The real reason your audience buys on social media;
How to communicate your message in under a minute; and
How to create an entire month's worth of social media posts - in just one hour.
Whether  you are marketing a multibillion-dollar company or a small business,  MXLTIPLY will forever transform the way you connect with YOUR people,  evolve your business into a value-first brand, and leave a lasting  impact for years to come