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Nanomaterials-Based Sensing Platforms: Towards the Efficient Detection of Biomolecules and Gases

Satyajit Ratha, Sudarsan Raj, Aneeya K. Samantara, 1774630370, 9781774630372, 978-1774630372, B09NQS4G5M

English | 2022 | PDF | 25 MB | 309 Pages

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Sensors are effective tools to carry out cost-effective, fast, and  reliable sensing for a wide range of applications. This volume,  Nanomaterials-Based Sensing Platforms: Towards the Efficient Detection  of Biomolecules and Gases, presents a brief history behind the sensing  technology and also emphasizes a broad range of biosensing techniques  based on optical and electrochemical response methods. Starting from the  traditional enzyme-based biosensing method to functionalized  nanostructure-based sensors, this book also provides a detailed overview  of some of the advanced sensing methodologies based on photonic crystal  cavity-based sensing devices.

The authors have compiled the book  keeping in mind the extraordinary success history of nanomaterials,  their current strategical exploitation, and an unprecedented pool of  possibilities they hold for the future. Many of the technologies have  been developed recently for the sensing of various bio-analytes and  molecules, some of which have been included in this book through  dedicated chapters in a highly organized manner. The book looks at the  various sensors, such as for biosensing, electrochemical sensing, gas  sensing, photo-electrochemical sensing, and colorimetric sensing, all of  which have shown potential.

This volume will be valuable for  professors, scientists, graduate students, industry professionals,  researchers, and libraries. Many universities, institutes, and colleges  are offering courses on nanotechnology, nanoscience, materials sciences,  and this volume will be a helpful ancillary text.