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Nanoparticles in Diagnosis, Drug Delivery and Nanotherapeutics

Divya Bajpai Tripathy, Anjali Gupta, Arvind Kumar Jain, Anuradha Mishra, Kuldeep Singh, B0CNJBQLHM, 1032327227, 1000954234, 9781032327228, 9781000954234, 9781032327235, 9781003316398, 978-1032327228, 978-1000954234, 978-1032327235, 978-1003316398

English | 2024 | Original PDF | 20 MB | 260 Pages

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The  integration of nanotechnology with biomaterials, diagnostic tools,  analytical equipment, physiotherapy kits, and drug delivery agents has  resulted in nanotherapeutics illustrated as a class of medicine with  potential of research and development. This book illustrates synthesis,  properties, and applications of nanotherapeutics in various  healthcare-related issues including treatment of cancer, Alzheimer’s  disease, targeted drug delivery, anti-HIV-1 nanotherapeutics,  antibacterial/antiviral agents, skin therapy, and hyperthermia.


  • Consolidates different aspects of nanoparticles such as synthesis and types of nanotherapeutics in a detailed manner
  • Presents categorical classification of nanoparticles as therapeutics
  • Covers the sustainability of nanotherapeutics
  • Reviews fabrication and advancement of all categories of nanotherapeutics
  • Discusses specific applications such as in cancer therapy, skin treatments, and targeted drug delivery

This  book is aimed at researchers, professionals, and senior undergraduate  students in materials and medical science, biomedical engineering, and  nanotechnology