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Neuroscience Fundamentals for Communication Sciences and Disorders

Second Edition, Richard D. Andreatta, 1635503590, 1635503604, 9781635503593, 9781635503609, 978-1635503593, 978-1635503609

English | 2023 | Original PDF | 200 MB | 883 Pages

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Neuroscience Fundamentals for  Communication Sciences and Disorders, Second Edition is  a comprehensive textbook primarily designed for undergraduate neural  bases or graduate neuroscience courses in communication sciences and  disorders programs (CSD). The text can also be used as an accessible  go-to reference for speech-language pathology and audiology clinical  professionals practicing in medical and rehab settings. Written with an  engaging and conversational style, the author uses humor and analogies  to explain concepts that are often challenging for students.  Complemented by more than 400 visually rich and beautifully drawn  full-color illustrations, the book emphasizes brain and behavior  relationships while also ensuring coverage of essential neuroanatomy and  neurophysiology in an integrative fashion. With a comprehensive  background in the principles, processes, and structures underlying the  workings of the human nervous system, students and practitioners alike,  will be able to better understand and apply brain-behavior relationships  to make appropriate clinical assessments and treatment decisions.

Extending well beyond traditional neuroanatomy-based textbooks, this resource is designed to satisfy three major goals:

  • Provide  neuroanatomical and neurophysiological detail that meets the real-world  needs of the contemporary CSD student, as they move forward toward  clinical practice, and into the future where advancements in the field  of health and brain sciences are accelerating and contributing more and  more each day to all areas of rehabilitation.
  • Provide clear,  understandable explanations and intuitive material that explains how and  why neuroanatomical systems, processes, and mechanisms of the nervous  system operate as they do during human behavior.
  • Provide  a depth and scope of material that will allow the reader to better  understand and appreciate a wide range of evidence-based literature  related to behavior, cognition, emotion, language, and sensory  perception--areas that all directly impact treatment decisions.

New to the Second Edition

  • 40 new full-color illustrations
  • Reorganization  and division of content from Chapters 4, 5, and 6 of the previous  edition, into six new and more digestible chapters.
  • A new standalone chapter on the cranial nerves.
  • Addition of a major section and discussion on the neural bases of swallowing.
  • Addition  of more summary tables and process flow charts to simplify the text and  provide ready-made study materials for students.
  • Revisions to most figures to improve their clarity and coherence with the written material.