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دانلود کتاب راهنمای گام به گام NFT برای مبتدیان کسب درآمد: ایجاد، خرید، فروش، کسب درآمد با NFT. راهنمای انقلابی آسان برای درک مجموعه های دیجیتال و نحوه استفاده از آنها.

NFT for beginners making money step by step guide: Create, buy, sell, earn with NFTs. The easy revolutionary guide to understanding digital collectibles and how to use them. by Francis Flobert . ISBNs: 979-8409003838, 9798409003838, B09Q1D1Z1H, B09RG2CJ78

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Want to find out how to manage and make money with NFTs? Check out the revolutionary guide that will teach you how to do it!

NFTs  (Non-Fungible Tokens), certificates of ownership of digital works, were  born only in the last few years. Along with metaverses, they are the  final frontier to quickly acquire freedom and wealth.

NFTs are  giving artists: photographers, musicians, painters, sculptors,  illustrators, designers, graphic designers, video makers and people  working in the art world, the opportunity to create a free and  billionaire parallel market. Non-artists are given the great opportunity  to buy, sell, collect, earn, on NFTs by participating in a free  billionaire market on new platforms, such as OpenSea, Rarible,  SuperRare, CryptoPunks, which are explained in the book.

NFTs are a real opportunity for everyone:

★ Artists who want to commercialize their works, without any constraints.
★ Buyers who will be able to choose, collect, sell and profit from the purchased NFTs.
★  Marketplaces that will be able to offer visibility to artists and  commercial return for them Blockchain that will authorize transactions  and earn commissions
★ Smart contract developers who will be recognized for their merits
★ Art dealers who won't be left out for anything in the world
★ Metaverse creator companies that will fund events that NFTs will participate in.

You  can't stay out of this nascent universe, distance, and ignorance can be  overcome simply by getting informed and participating. And this book  will help you do that. You will fully know all the aspects you need to  know to approach this world practically. I want to show you some things  we will cover together in the book so that you can better understand  what we will learn.

Here are just a few of the topics we will touch on together:

★ What are NFTs?
★ How to create an NFT
★ Buying and selling NFTs
★ Make money with NFTs
★ History of NFTs
★ The future is ok with NFT
★ And much more…

Year: 2022
Language: English
Format: MOBI, Converted PDF
Publisher: Independently published, EVOLUTPRESS
ISBN-13: 979-8409003838, 9798409003838
ASIN: B09Q1D1Z1H, B09RG2CJ78