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Operations Research and Systems Engineering: Growth and Transformation Commentaries on the Profession

Howard Eisner, B0BG68QXY4, 1032307498, 9781032307497, 9781000810707, 9781000810721, 9781032307817, 9781003306610, 978-1032307497, 978-1000810707, 978-1000810721, 978-1032307817, 978-1003306610

English | 2022 | PDF

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This  book presents an overview of operations research and systems  engineering and takes a look into both fields on content, histories,  contributions, and future directions so a sound career choice can be  made for those who might be deciding on a career path. The book also  offers how these two fields can be integrated and used in current times  and into the future. 

Operations Research and Systems Engineering: Growth and Transformation traces the history of both fields of research as well as offers  comments on the importance of both areas of study. By taking a look back  with a historical perspective and also looking forward with the  presentation of applications currently being used, someone looking to  make a sound career choice will be able to decide which area they want  to move towards. The book also offers how to integrate both operations  research methods with systems engineering concepts and tools and  provides a comparison between the two, along with how they can work  together in the future. 

The goal of this book is to  provide the reader with enough information so they can move forward with  their career goals. It is also an ideal book that provides engineers,  scientists, and mathematicians with a way to broaden their knowledge and  areas of study.