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Periorbital Rejuvenation: A Practical Manual

Ashraf Badawi, 3030468658, 9783030468651, 978-3030468651

English | 2020 | PDF

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This title represents a comprehensive manual of periorbital rejuvenation  and includes an in-depth review of the anatomy of the orbit and  periorbital region. Physiological changes associated with the aging of  the periorbital region and potential rejuvenation options are also  covered, while readers are given a series of step-by-step illustrative  guides to procedural techniques. The book provides a valuable selection  of clinical pearls on how to avoid potential pitfalls using a number of  cases in which a range of potential invasive and non-invasive treatment  options, including neuromodulators and cosmeceuticals, are used.

Periorbital  Rejuvenation: A Practical Manual provides a comprehensive and concise  overview of periorbital anatomy and the potential effects of aging.  Cutting-edge laser treatment options including laser assisted and  neuromodulator techniques are ideal for the trainee to develop their  knowledge and as a reference guide for the experienced practitioner.