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Physical Agent Modalities: Theory and Application for the Occupational Therapist

Third Edition, 3rd ed., Alfred G. Bracciano, 1630915386, 9781630915384, 9781630915391, 978-1630915384, 978-1630915391

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English | 2022 | PDF

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The popular occupational therapy textbook Physical Agent Modalities:  Theory and Application for the Occupational Therapist has been newly  updated and revised into a comprehensive Third Edition.

Using  current occupational therapy terminology and philosophy, this text  establishes the theoretical basis and clinical reasoning for the use of  physical agent modalities in practice. The biophysiological effects of  the modalities are identified and discussed alongside their impact on  function and performance. Relevant to both students and practitioners,  the Third Edition educates on the proper, safe, and judicious use of  physical agent modalities while treating clients.

Written by Dr.  Alfred G. Bracciano, this book outlines the application procedures for  each modality, indications for their use, and the precautions and  contraindications of the modality.

New to the Third  Edition:Organizational boxed asides and tables related to each concept  areaEvidence-based research boxes and tables related to clinical  reasoning case studiesNew chapters on physiological impact of  interventions, soft tissue techniques, and health care reformGlobal  perspective providing a resource for the international therapistNew  color flow charts and improved graphics
Each chapter contains:Learning objectivesKey termsCase studies
Instructors in educational settings can also visit for additional instructional resources.

With  up-to-date information and new chapters, Physical Agent Modalities:  Theory and Application for the Occupational Therapist, Third Edition  provides a user-friendly, organized reference ready to be applied in the  clinical setting.