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Post COVID-19 Complications and Management

Anant Mohan, Saurabh Mittal, 9811944067, 9789811944062, 978-9811944062

English | 2022 | PDF

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The book covers all aspects of clinical manifestations and management of  various complications following acute coronavirus disease 2019  (COVID-19). COVID-19 is considered a multisystem disease and may lead to  long-term complications and sequelae in various organ systems, some of  whom may severely impair quality of life and may cause higher mortality.  The current understanding of these complications is still incomplete  and unclear, consequently the management strategies are not well  elucidated. This book provides an extensive review of the current  understanding of post COVID-19 complications and a simple, yet rational  approach to their management.
The chapters include complications  related to multiple organ systems of the body including the respiratory  system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, psychiatric issues,  endocrine abnormalities, and others. Every chapter provides a detailed  description of a practical approach to chronic sequelae along with  important summary points for quick reference. Each chapter provides  easy-to-follow algorithms and key points.
This book will assist  medical practitioners in understanding various aspects of post COVID-19  complications and will be helpful for general practitioners, internists,  pulmonologists and other healthcare workers dealing with patients with  COVID-19. It will also be useful to undergraduates and postgraduates  since COVID-19 has been included in medicine curriculum.