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Practical Database Auditing for Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL: Troubleshooting, Regulatory Compliance, and Governance

Josephine Bush, 978-1-4842-8634-0, 978-1-4842-8633-3, 1484286332, 978-1484286333, 9781484286333, B0BFW1WNXJ

English | 2022 | PDF | 22 MB | 204 Pages

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Know how to track changes and key events in your SQL Server databases in support of application troubleshooting, regulatory compliance, and governance. This book shows how to use key features in SQL Server ,such as SQL Server Audit and Extended Events, to track schema changes, permission changes, and changes to your data. You’ll even learn how to track queries run against specific tables in a database.

Not all changes and events can be captured and tracked using SQL Server Audit and Extended Events, and the book goes beyond those features to also show what can be captured using common criteria compliance, change data capture, temporal tables, or querying the SQL Server log. You will learn how to audit just what you need to audit, and how to audit pretty much anything that happens on a SQL Server instance. This book will also help you set up cloud auditing with an emphasis on Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Managed Instance, and AWS RDS SQL Server.

You don’t need expensive, third-party auditing tools to make auditing work for you, and to demonstrate and provide value back to your business. This book will help you set up an auditing solution that works for you and your needs. It shows how to collect the audit data that you need, centralize that data for easy reporting, and generate audit reports using built-in SQL Server functionality for use by your own team, developers, and organization’s auditors.  

What You Will Learn

  • Understand why auditing is important for troubleshooting, compliance, and governance
  • Track changes and key events using SQL Server Audit and Extended Events
  • Track SQL Server configuration changes for governance and troubleshooting
  • Utilize change data capture and temporal tables to track data changes in SQL Server tables
  • Centralize auditing data from all your databases for easy querying and reporting
  • Configure auditing on Azure SQL, Azure SQL Managed Instance, and AWS RDS SQL Server 

Who This Book Is For

Database administrators who need to know what’s changing on their database servers, and those who are making the changes; database-savvy DevOps engineers and developers who are charged with troubleshooting processes and applications; developers and administrators who are responsible for generating reports in support of regulatory compliance reporting and auditing