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Pregnancy with Artificial Intelligence: A 9.5 Months Journey From Preconception to Birth

Smaranda Belciug, Dominic Iliescu, 3031181530, 9783031181535, 978-3031181535

English | 2022 | PDF

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This book aims to provide a refreshing, friendly and exciting manner  artificial intelligence (AI) theoretical concepts and practical methods  applied in obstetrics and gynaecology. The book follows the nine and a  half months journey from preconception till birth alongside with AI. It  discusses topics such as the poignant role of AI in improving the change  of women getting pregnant; AI methods for detecting congenital  anomalies in first and second trimester foetal sonography; how AI aids  physicians in determining what type of birth should be deployed (vaginal  versus caesarean); how AI can predict pre-eclampsia, preterm birth,  mortality, birth weight, miscarriage, postpartum depression, etc.  Additionally, it provides information on AI used for perinatal  depression, for the evaluation of the relationship between pollutants  and pregnancy outcome and even how AI tools can improve physician  training in labour and delivery.

The book is designed  for bioinformaticians, obstetric and gynaecology researchers and  physicians, and all those who wish to learn how to explore, analyse,  find novel potential solutions for the challenging domains: obstetrics  and gynaecology. Likewise, this book will be useful for application  engineers who wish to use AI paradigms in areas such as engineering and  science too.