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Principles of Gender-Specific Medicine: Sex and Gender-Specific Biology in the Postgenomic Era

Marianne J. Legato, 9780323885348, 978-0323885348

English | 2023 | PDF

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Awarded with the 2018 Prose Award in Clinical Medicine, the third  edition of Principles of Gender-Specific Medicine explored and described  exciting new areas in biomedicine that integrated technology into the  treatment of disease and the augmentation of human function. Novel  topics such as the sex-specific aspects of space medicine, the  development and the use of genderized robots and a discussion of cyborgs  were included in the third edition, providing a preview of the  expanding world of sex-specific physiology and therapeutics. This Fourth  Edition is a continuation of the mission to trace the relevance of  biological sex to normal function and to the experience of disease in  humans.

We are now twenty years into the postgenomic era. The  investigation of how the genome produces the phenome has led to  fascinating insights as well as yet unanswered questions. Principles of  Gender-Specific Medicine, Fourth Edition, has a central theme: discuss  advances in understanding the role of epigenetics in regulating gene  expression in a dynamic, sex-specific way during human life. It explores  the protean role of epigenetics in human physiology, the relevance of  environmental experience to human function, the therapeutic promise of  cutting-edge methodologies like gene manipulation, the preparation of  humans for space travel, the use of artificial intelligence in detection  and therapeutic decisions concerning disease states, the possibilities  for technological support of not only compromised individuals but of the  augmentation of human function, and an analysis of the benefits,  limitations and issues that surround our current expectations of  personalized medicine.