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Proceedings of the 8th China High Resolution Earth Observation Conference (CHREOC 2022): High Resolution Earth Observation: Wide Horizon, High Accuracy

Liheng Wang, Yirong Wu, Jianya Gong, 9811982015, 978-9811982019, 9789811982019, B0BNMH69D6, 978-981-19-8201-9, 978-981-19-8202-6

English | 2023 | PDF

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This proceedings has four thematic parts: advanced aerospace manufacturing technology, near space system and application technology, accurate perception technology of the earth, and collaborative fusion application technology. The CHREOCs (China High-resolution Earth Observation Conference) focus on the popular topics including military-civilian integration, the One Belt and One Road project, the transformation of scientific research achievements, and it also discusses the new ideas, new technologies, new methods, and new developments. The CHREOCs have effectively promoted high-level institutional mechanisms, technological innovation, and industrial upgrading in the high-resolution earth observation area, and arouse the influence of the national-sponsored major project. All papers in this proceeding are from the 8th CHREOC, and most authors are the researchers and experts participating the state major project CHEOS. The papers are the extraction of research results and reflect the technique level and research direction of the field high-resolution earth observation. All articles have gone through the scientific and strict reviews for several rounds by the experts from the related fields, and therefore reflect the research level and technology innovation of the high-resolution field earth observation. It will be an informative and valuable reference for both academic research and engineering practice.

The year 2022 is the final year of high-resolution special projects. After more than ten years of construction, the task of high-resolution special projects has been basically completed, the core technology has been comprehensively breakthrough, and the typical achievements have been rapidly transformed, providing strong support for national security, national defense construction and national economic development.