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Property Investment Appraisal

Andrew E. Baum, Neil Crosby, Steven Devaney | 1118399552, 978-1118399552, 9781118399552, B08TQGDBXF

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PDF 2021

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Discover an insightful examination of the property investment appraisal process from leaders in the industry  

This book explains the process of property investment appraisal: the process of estimating both the most likely selling price (market value) and the worth of property investments to individuals or groups of investors (investment value). 

Valuations are important. They are used as a surrogate for transactions in the measurement of investment performance and they influence investors and other market operators when transacting property. Valuations need to be trusted by their clients and valuers need to produce rational and objective solutions.  Appraisals of worth are even more important, as they help to determine the prices that should be paid for assets, even in times of crisis, and they can indicate market under- or over-pricing.  

In a style that makes the theory as well as the practice of valuation accessible to students and practitioners, the authors provide a valuable critique of conventional valuation methods and argue for the adoption of more contemporary cash-flow methods. They explain how such valuation models are constructed and give useful examples throughout.  They also show how these contemporary cash-flow methods connect market valuations with rational appraisals.  

The UK property investment market has been through periods of both boom and bust since the first edition of this text was produced in 1988. As a result, the book includes examples generated by vastly different market states. Complex reversions, over-rented properties and leaseholds are all fully examined by the authors.  

This Fourth Edition includes new material throughout, including brand new chapters on development appraisals and bank lending valuations, heavily revised sections on discounted cash flow models with extended examples, and on the measurement and analysis of risk at an individual property asset level. The heart of the book remains the critical examination of market valuation models, which no other book addresses in such detail.