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Protest in Late Modern Societies: Dynamics, Forms, Futures

Monika Banas, Ruslan Saduov, 1032217987, 9781032217987, 978-1032217987, 978-1-032-21798-7, 978-1-032-21801-4, 9781032218014, 978-1032218014, 978-1-003-27006-5, 9781003270065, 978-1003270065, B0BZFMPMKX

English | 2023 | PDF | 3 MB | 239 Pages

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This book discusses a broadly understood  phenomenon of protest from several perspectives, including historical,  cultural, social, political, environmental and semiotic. Through their  analyses, the authors undertake to envision the possible evolution of  the forms of contestation in the further decades of the 21st century,  taking into account the specificity of the globalisation processes.

A  multidimensional approach offered in this volume makes it possible to  capture and identify new features of contemporary contestation and those  that seem unchanged despite the passage of time and altering audiences.  Examples from Europe (France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Ireland,  Malta, Bulgaria, Poland, Belarus, Russia), America (the United States,  Mexico, Chile) and Far East (Hong Kong and China) are relevant case  studies that show the faces of contestation while reaching for new or  modified rhetoric, symbolism, communication channels and the so-called  modus operandi of protest initiators, active and passive participants  and short- and long-distant observers.

The  book will be of value to a wide audience, particularly to the  researchers studying contestation, social resistance, individual and  collective disobedience, crisis management and cultural/social dynamic  of protests. It will also be of interest to experts and individuals from  outside the academia like civil activists, practitioners and NGOs  compelled by contemporary processes (tensions) occurring between the  state, power, society and individuals.