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Reasoning and Language at Work: A Critical Essay by Enric Trillas . ISBNs: 3030860876, 978-3030860875, 9783030860875 ASIN: B09SH7K1PT

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(Studies in Computational Intelligence, 991)
by Enric Trillas (Author), Settimo Termini (Author), Marco Elio Tabacchi (Author)
This  book furthers the historical and technical debate by looking at  reasoning as the action of language when it is devoted to explaining or  foretelling, based on the authors’ centennial combined experience in  fuzzy logic. A simple logical model mixing abductions and deductions is  introduced in order to attain speculations, conjectures that may be  responsible for induction, and creativity in reasoning. A central point  and a dire hypothesis of the book are that such process can be  implemented by computation and as such can lead to a new approach to  automatic thinking and reasoning. On top of the technical approach, the  relationship between reasoning and thinking is also analyzed trying to  establish links with notions and concepts of thinkers from the European  Middle Age to the current days.
This book is recommended to young  researchers that are interested in either the scientific or  philosophical aspects of computational thinking, and can further the  debate between the two approaches

Year: 2022
Pages: 120
Language: English
Format: PDF
Publisher: Springer
ISBN-10: 3030860876
ISBN-13: 978-3030860875, 9783030860875