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Reliability and Risk Analysis

Mohammad Modarres, Katrina Groth, 2022050183, 2022050184, 1032309733, 1032309725,9781032309729, 978-1032309729, 978-1-032-30972-9, 978-1-032-30973-6, 9781032309736, 978-1032309736, 978-1-003-30749-5, 9781003307495, 978-1003307495, B0C1MYL29N

English | 2023 | PDF | 18 MB | 481 Pages

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Completely updated for a new edition,  this book introduces reliability and risks analysis, for both practicing  engineers and engineering students at the undergraduate and graduate  levels. Since reliability analysis is a multidisciplinary subject, this  book draws together a wide range of topics and presents them in a way  that applies to most engineering disciplines.

What  Every Engineer Should Know About Reliability and Risk Analysis, Second  Edition, emphasizes an introduction and explanation of the practical  methods used in reliability and risk studies, with a discussion of their  uses and limitations. It offers basic and advanced methods in  reliability analysis that are commonly used in daily practice and  provides methods that address unique topics such as dependent failure  analysis, importance analysis, and analysis of repairable systems. The  book goes on to present a comprehensive overview of modern probabilistic  life assessment methods such as Bayesian estimation, system reliability  analysis, and human reliability. End-of-chapter problems and a  solutions manual are available to support any course adoptions.

This  book is refined, simple, and focuses on fundamentals. The audience is  the beginner with no background in reliability engineering and  rudimentary knowledge of probability and statistics. It can be used by  new practitioners, undergraduates, and first-year graduate students.