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Robot Souls: Programming in Humanity

Eve Poole, B0BX9LMP4R, 1032426624, 1032432853, 1000918718, 978-1000918717, 9781000918717, 9781032432854, 978-1-032-43285-4, 978-1032432854, 978-1-032-42662-4, 978-1032426624, 9781032426624, 978-1-003-36661-4, 9781003366614, 978-1003366614

English | 2024 | PDF | 3 MB | 185 Pages

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Two of the biggest design problems in Artificial Intelligence are how to build robots that behave in line with human values and how to stop them ever going rogue. One under-explored solution to these alignment and control problems might be to examine how these are already addressed in the design of humans.

Looking closely at the human blueprint, it contains a suite of capacities that are so clumsy they have generally been kept away from AI. It was assumed that robots with features like emotions and intuition, that made mistakes and looked for meaning and purpose, would not work as well as robots without this kind of code. But on considering why all these irrational properties are there, it seems that they emerge from the source code of soul. Because it is actually this ‘junk’ code that makes us human and promotes the kind of reciprocal altruism that keeps humanity alive and thriving.

Robot Souls looks at developments in AI and reviews the emergence of ideas of consciousness and the soul. It places our ‘junk code’ in this context and argues that it is time to foreground that code, and to use it to look again at how we are programming AI.

The book author Eve Poole received an OBE in the 2023 New Year Honours for services to education and gender equality.