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Russian Nuclear Orthodoxy: Religion, Politics, and Strategy

Dmitry Adamsky, 1503608646, 1503608050, 978-1503608641, 9781503608641, 978-1503608054, 9781503608054, 978-1503608658, 9781503608658, B07P75GG79

English | 2019 | PDF | 3 MB | 373 Pages

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A  nuclear priesthood has arisen in Russia. From portable churches to the  consecration of weapons systems, the Russian Orthodox Church has been  integrated into every facet of the armed forces to become a vital part  of Russian national security, politics, and identity. This extraordinary  intertwining of church and military is nowhere more visible than in the  nuclear weapons community, where the priesthood has penetrated all  levels of command and the Church has positioned itself as a guardian of  the state's nuclear potential. Russian Nuclear Orthodoxy  considers how, since the Soviet collapse in 1991, the Church has worked  its way into the nuclear forces, the most significant wing of one of  the world's most powerful military organizations.

Dmitry  Adamsky describes how the Orthodox faith has merged with Russian  national identity as the Church continues to expand its influence on  foreign and domestic politics. The Church both legitimizes and  influences Moscow's assertive national security strategy in the  twenty-first century. This book sheds light on the role of faith in  modern militaries and highlights the implications of this phenomenon for  international security. Ultimately, Russian Nuclear Orthodoxy  interrogates the implications of the confluence of religion and security  for other members of the nuclear club, beyond Russia.