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SAS Stored Processes: A Practical Guide to Developing Web Applications

Philip Mason, 1484259246, 9781484259245, 978-1484259245

English | 2020 | PDF

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Customize the SAS Stored Process web application to create amazing tools  for end users. This book shows you how to use stored processes―SAS  programs stored on a server and executed as required by requesting  applications.
Never before have there been so many ways to turn data  into information and build applications with SAS. This book teaches you  how to use the web technologies that you frequently see used on  impressive websites. By using SAS Stored Processes, you will be able to  build applications that exploit CSS, JavaScript, and HTML libraries and  enable you to build powerful and impressive web applications using SAS  as the backend.
While this approach is not common with SAS users,  some have had amazing results. People who have SAS skills usually do not  have web development skills, and those with web development skills  usually do not have SAS skills. Some people have both skills but are  unaware of how to connect them with the SAS Stored Process web  application. This book shows you how to leverage your skills for  success.

What You Will Learn
Know the  benefits of stored processesWrite your own tools in SASMake a stored  process generate its own HTML menuPass data between stored processesUse  stored processes to generate pure JavaScriptUtilize data generated by  SASConvert a SAS program into a stored process

Who This Book Is For
SAS  programmers looking to improve their existing programming skills to  develop web applications, and programming managers who want to make  better use of the SAS software they already license