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اسکیزوفرنی و بیماری های روانپزشکی: مدیریت شناخت

Schizophrenia and Psychiatric Comorbidities: Recognition Management | David J. Castle, Peter F. Buckley, Rachel Upthegrove | ISBN: 0198870337, 978-0198870333, B08QW5X4X1

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سال انتشار: 2021

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ناشر: Oxford University Press

Psychiatric comorbidities such as depression, anxiety and substance use are extremely common amongst people with schizophrenia. They add to poor clinical outcomes and disability, yet are often not at the forefront of the minds of clinicians, who tend to concentrate on assessing and treating the core symptoms of schizophrenia, notably delusions and hallucinations. There is an imperative to assess every patient with schizophrenia for psychiatric comorbidities, as they might masquerade as core psychotic symptoms and also because they warrant treatment in their own right. This volume addresses these issues using a clinical lens informed by the current literature. Published as part of the Oxford Psychiatry Library series, the book serves as a concise and practical reference for busy clinicians.