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Smart Antennas: Latest Trends in Design and Application

Praveen Kumar Malik, Joan Lu, B. T. P. Madhau, Geeta Kalkhambkar, Swetha Amit, 3030766357, 9783030766351, 978-3030766351

English | 2022 | PDF

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This book presents the latest techniques for the design of antenna,  focusing specifically on the microstrip antenna.  The authors discuss  antenna structure, defected ground, MIMO, and fractal design. The book  provides the design of microstrip antenna in terms of latest  applications and uses in areas like IoT and device-to-device  communication. The book also provides the current methods and techniques  used for the enhancement of the performance parameters of the  microstrip antenna. Chapters enhance the knowledge and skills of  students and researchers in the latest in the communications world like  IoT, D2D, satellite, wearable devices etc. The authors discuss  applications such as microwave imaging, medical implants, hyperthermia  treatments, and wireless wellness monitoring and how a decrease in size  of antenna help facilitate application potential.Provides the latest  techniques used for the design of antenna in terms of its structure,  defected ground, MIMO and fractal design;Outlines steps to resolve  issues with designing antenna, including the latest design and design  parameters for microstrip antenna;Presents the design of conformal and  miniaturized antenna structures for various applications.