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Smart Electrical Grid System: Design Principle, Modernization, and Techniques

(Smart Engineering Systems: Design and Applications), Krishan Arora, Suman Lata Tripathi, Sanjeevikumar Padmanaban, 1032150483, 1000606171, 9781032150482, 9781000606171, 978-1032150482, 978-1000606171, B09Z7D7KVF

English | 2023 | Original PDF | 13 MB | 293 Pages

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Smart  technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning,  play a vital role in modeling, analysis, performance prediction,  effective control, and utilization of smart energy systems. This book  presents novel concepts in the development of smart cities and smart  grids as well as discusses the technologies involved in producing  efficient and economically feasible energy technologies around the  world.

It comprehensively covers important topics,  including optimization methods for smart grids, power converters, smart  meters, load frequency control, automatic generation control, and power  electronics for smart grids.

This book focuses mainly  on three areas of electrical engineering: control systems, power  electronics, and renewable resources, including artificial intelligence  for the development of smart electrical grids.

Key Features

• Clarifies how the smart grid plays an important role in modern smart technologies

•  Introduces the basic concepts of modernization of smart grid with the  assumption of basic knowledge of mathematics and power systems

•  Describes the structure of technologies based on Internet of Things  (IoT), which acts like a bridge to cover the gap between the physical  and virtual worlds required for the realization of the smart grid

• Includes practical examples of the smart grid and energy saving

• Illustrates the integration of renewable energy sources with worked examples

• Enables readers to engage with the immediate development of power systems by using smart approaches for future smart grids