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Spain, the United States, and Transatlantic Literary Culture throughout the Nineteenth Century | John C. Havard, Ricardo Miguel-Alfonso | ISBN: 1032108401, 978-1032108407, B09CWHHDK6

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سال انتشار: 2022

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ناشر: Routledge

The relationship between the United States and Spain evolved rapidly over the course of the nineteenth century, culminating in hostility during the Spanish–American War. However, scholarship on literary connections between the two nations has been limited aside from a few studies of the small coterie of Hispanists typically conceived as the canon in this area. This volume collects essays that push the study of transatlantic connections between U.S. and Spanish literatures in new directions. The contributors represent an interdisciplinary group including scholars of national literatures, national histories, and comparative literature. Their works explore previously understudied authors as well as understudied works by better-known authors. They use these new archives to present canonical works in new lights. Moreover, they explore organic entanglements between the literary traditions, and how those raditions interface with Latinx literary history.