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Speech and Voice Science Workbook

4th Edition, Alison Behrman, Donald Finan, 1635501938, 978-1635501933, 9781635501933

English | 2023 | PDF | 15 MB | 363 Pages

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Speech and Voice Science Workbook is an excellent new companion to the textbook Speech and Voice Science, Fourth Edition. Divided into chapters that correspond with Speech and Voice Science,  this workbook is designed to provide a valuable tool for students to  expand their understanding of this challenging course subject. The  workbook is intended to be used for student review, self-study and exam  preparation, to highlight areas of confusion, to learn new concepts, to  connect ideas, and to spark new questions and thoughtful discussions.

There are four different types of sections which appear throughout the workbook: Foundational Knowledge, Conceptual Integration, and Clinical Application questions, and TRY IT! Activities.  Each section is tailored to hone different skill  set and enhance comprehension of the topics as  follows:

  • Foundational Knowledge questions assess students’ basic knowledge gained from the textbook and highlight areas they need to review
  • Conceptual Integration questions prompt students to delve deeper into the material and  interrelate diverse information for understanding, rather than  memorization
  • Clinical Application questions explore the usefulness of the material provided in the  textbook to answer the common student query “How does speech and voice  science relate to the field of communication sciences and disorders?”
  • TRY IT! activities are designed to promote experiential learning and allow students to explore concepts and acquire new insights

Key Features

  • Over 1,000 questions are included on a wide variety of topics
  • Informative answers are provided to over 45 questions on the 14 Clinical Cases presented in the textbook
  • Numerous  original figures and spectrograms are used to illustrate questions,  reinforce key concepts, and assess students’ understanding
  • A  variety of question formats, including multiple choice, true/false,  fill-in, matching, figure identification, drawing, and short answer
  • A focus on integrating knowledge for deeper understanding