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System-Materials Nanoarchitectonics

Yutaka Wakayama, Katsuhiko Ariga 4431569111, 9784431569114, 978-4431569114

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This book is the first publication to widely introduce the contributions  of nanoarchitectonics to the development of functional materials and  systems. The book opens up pathways to novel nanotechnology based on  bottom-up techniques. In fields of nanotechnology, theoretical and  practical limitations are expected in the bottom-up nanofabrication  process. Instead, some supramolecular processes for nano- and  microstructure formation including molecular recognition, self-assembly,  and template synthesis have gained great attention as novel key  technologies to break through expected limitations in current  nanotechnology. This volume describes future images of nanotechnology  and related materials and device science as well as practical  applications for energy and biotechnology. Readers including  specialists, non-specialists, graduate students, and undergraduate  students can focus on the parts of the book that interest and concern  them most. Target fields include materials chemistry, organic chemistry,  physical chemistry, nanotechnology, and even biotechnology.