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Systems Thinking Made Simple: New Hope for Solving Wicked Problems by Derek Cabrera, Laura Cabrera ISBN-10: 1520740492 ISBN-13: 978-1520740492, 9781520740492 ASIN: B07G83X44R

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Systems thinking can help us solve everyday and wicked problems,  increase our personal effectiveness as human beings, and transform our  organizations. This book is for anyone interested in learning the  foundational ideas of systems thinking. SIMPLE RULES OF SYSTEMS THINKING  Systems Thinking Made Simple doesn't mean that we're going to  oversimplify it like a ... for Dummies book. It means that we will show  how systems thinking emerges when we focus on a simple set of rules.  After years of searching for unifying principles, many experts and  practitioners in the field of systems thinking have embraced DSRP as  universal to all systems thinking methods. Originally a complex  mathematical formulation, DSRP has since been made more accessible  through powerful modeling and visualization tools. There are two  surprising things about our new understanding of systems thinking. First  is how simple the four rules are: DISTINCTIONS RULE: Any idea or thing  can be distinguished from the other ideas or things it is with SYSTEMS  RULE: Any idea or thing can be split into parts or lumped into a whole  RELATIONSHIP RULE: Any idea or thing can relate to other things or ideas  PERSPECTIVES RULE: Any thing or idea can be the point or the view of a  perspective

Year: 2015
Pages: 224
Language: English
Format: PDF
Publisher: Independently published
ISBN-10: 1520740492
ISBN-13: 978-1520740492, 9781520740492
ASIN: B07G83X44R