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دانلود کتاب راهنمای راه اندازی کسب و کار 4 مرحله ای: چگونه شرکت خود را راه اندازی و اداره کنید، طرز فکر درستی داشته باشید و اهداف خود را محقق کنید

The 4-Step Business Set-Up Guide: How To Start And Run Your Company, Have the Right Mindset and Make Your Goals Happen by Noemi Staehelin . ISBN: B09RQZ5248

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Are you worried about not being organized enough to get your business  off the ground? Or do you already have a small business but feel it  lacks structure and clear direction? You think that you don’t have the  business know-how or background to do this right and feel overwhelmed by  the conundrum of things you need to do

This guide will walk you through 4 steps that will
Foster the right mindset
Structure your company and introduce the only tools you will need
Will  walk you through an identity worksheet and goal-setting framework so  that you know exactly who you are where you want to get to
Establishes clear ways of working so it's easy to hold yourself accountable

Year: 2022
Language: English
Format: MOBI, Converted PDF
ASIN: B09RQZ5248