In the name of Allah the Merciful

The City of Care: Strategies to Design Healthier Places

Anna Anzani, Francesco Scullica, 3031146077, 978-3031146077, 9783031146077, B0BKXMMBZB, 978-3-031-14607-7, 978-3-031-14608-4

English | 2023 | PDF

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The book explores care as a transition strategy to a healthier and more sustainable world. After the lesson learned from the pandemic, health as a fundamental human right is increasingly related to a care component: caring for sick people, persons with disabilities, elders, migrants and refugees, women and children, caring for bodies, minds, cities and nature. Endorsing the care system as a female knowledge based on complexity, flexibility, management of the unexpected, sense of responsibility, the project culture can extract this paradigm from the domestic perimeter, bring outside and make it accessible to all in work, politics, relationships, places and communities. The systemic connection between planet and people wellbeing will be grasped through a transdisciplinary perspective that allows to deal with the city of care at a mental, physical, social and global level. The first section addresses care and interior space, dealing with dwelling, working, proximity and cities on a human scale, with a particular attention to the post Covid conditions. The second section deals with healthcare design, the evolution and trend of healing spaces, the influence of technology and robotics on inclusive design processes. The third section considers a social care attitude and deals with the multiethnic urban dimension, care and creativity in design, society and relationships, the right to health of immigrant people.