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The Climbing Bible: Practical Exercises: Technique and Strength Training for Climbing

Martin Mobråten, Stian Christophersen, 9781839811050, 9781839811043, 978-1839811050, 978-1839811043, 1839811048

English | 2022 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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The Climbing Bible: Practical Exercises by Martin Mobraten and Stian  Christophersen is a collection of exercises specifically designed to  help you train technique and strength so that you can develop and  improve as a climber. After two decades of climbing, training and  coaching, the authors have built up a huge library of exercises, and  they share many of them with you in this book.

The first section  focuses on your technique, with emphasis on footwork, grip positions,  balance, direction of force and dynamics, among other things. The second  section features exercises to help you train strength and power - with  on-the-wall exercises, finger strength and fingerboarding exercises, arm  exercises and more. Also included is a section for children and young  climbers to help their parents and coaches create great sessions for  kids. This chapter presents games, technique exercises and physical  training ideas for children.

Illustrated with over 200 technique  and action photos, and with insights from the authors and other top  climbers, The Climbing Bible: Practical Exercises will inspire you to  try new exercises in every training session. Keep it in your climbing  wall bag, cover it in chalk and embrace the variety so easily found in  climbing.