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The Cooperative Neuron: Cellular Foundations of Mental Life

William Phillips, 019887698X, 9780198876984, 9780198877004, 2022949982, 978-0198876984, 978-0198877004

English | 2023 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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The Cooperative Neuron is part of a revolution that is occurring in the  sciences of brain and mind. It explores the new field of cellular  psychology, a field built upon the recent discovery that many neurons in  the brain cooperate to seek agreement in deciding what's relevant in  the current context. This cooperative context-sensitivity provides the  cellular foundations for knowledge, doubt, imagination,  self-development, and the search for purpose in life. This emerging  field has far-reaching and fundamental implications for psychology,  neuroscience, psychiatry, neurology, and the philosophy of mind.

In  a clear and accessible style, the book explains the neuroscience to  psychologists, the psychology to neuroscientists, and both to  philosophers, students of the behavioral and brain sciences, and to  anyone intrigued by the enduring mystery of how brains can be minds.