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دانلود کتاب جنگجوی روزانه: 365 تمرین و مراقبه در خانه برای اقدام کردن، تقویت قدرت و حفظ نظم و انضباط

The Daily Warrior: 365 Home Workouts and Meditations for Taking Action, Developing Strength, and Maintaining Discipline | Heidi Leatherby | ISBN: 8699872657, 979-8699872657, B08MS5KM3T

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سال انتشار: 2020

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Since the fall of 2013, I have systematically hand recorded each and every workout session I’ve done, both in the gym and on my own. I am bringing these sessions to you, modified for completion at home with no equipment needed, in a 365 day format complete with strength themed quotes and meditations.

Sessions originally done at the gym were completed under the supervision of two world class coaches and mentors, along with other visiting coaches from all over the country. Each day, a training session was written on an old whiteboard for all to follow, and I kept meticulous records of each one that we did. Using this database of training sessions scribbled into Moleskine notebooks, I’ve compiled what you will find in these pages referred to as the Original Sessions.

Although most of the logged training sessions were completed using heavy equipment such as barbells, kettlebells, weight plates, pull-up bars, rings, and ropes, I’ve been able to modify everything in a way that is consumable and executed at home, with room for weights and equipment if you choose.

These modified training sessions are based on the originals as much as possible, listed below each original session, and referred to as the Home Editions.

Lastly, but certainly most importantly, I have included strength themed quotes at the start of each training session, to be used as a meditation as you are going through your training and your day. Use these as a way to train your mental attitude alongside your physical body. Without this mental training piece, physical training will not be sustainable or nearly as effective.