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The "Essence" of Network Security: An End-to-End Panorama | Mohuya Chakraborty, Moutushi Singh, Valentina E. Balas | ISBN: 9811593167, 978-9811593161, B08P49XYGH

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سال انتشار: 2021

تعداد صفحات: 308

زبان فایل: انگلیسی

فرمت فایل: pdf

حجم فایل: 8MB

رایانه: Springer

This edited book provides an optimal portrayal of the principles and applications related to network security. The book is thematically divided into five segments: Part A describes the introductory issues related to network security with some concepts of cutting-edge technologies; Part B builds from there and exposes the readers to the digital, cloud and IoT forensics; Part C presents readers with blockchain and cryptography techniques; Part D deals with the role of AI and machine learning in the context of network security. And lastly, Part E is written on different security networking methodologies.

This is a great book on network security, which has lucid and well-planned chapters. All the latest security technologies are thoroughly explained with upcoming research issues. Details on Internet architecture, security needs, encryption, cryptography along with the usages of machine learning and artificial intelligence for network security are presented in a single cover. The broad-ranging text/reference comprehensively surveys network security concepts, methods, and practices and covers network security policies and goals in an integrated manner. It is an essential security resource for practitioners in networks and professionals who develop and maintain secure computer networks.