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The Link Between Obesity and Cancer

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English | 2023 | PDF | 21 MB | 302 Pages

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The Link between Obesity and Cancer provides a comprehensive review on the relationship between obesity and  cancer, presenting global perspectives on obesity and cancer incidence  that are followed by in-depth discussions on cancers for which we have  new evidence of a causal relationship with obesity. Readers will gain  fundamental knowledge on which cancer types are related to obesity. In  addition, this updated resource provides significant knowledge for  clinicians on when to act, along with specific management guidelines for  patients, as well as how to understand potential risk factors and how  to directly or indirectly minimize these risks. 

The  book also provides never-before-published scientific data for any  researcher in the field, identifying molecular mechanisms and links  behind the development of malignancy and promoting research in new and  effective target pathways in developing therapeutic strategies.

  • Provides essential knowledge on how to understand the link between obesity and cancer and why and how this occurs
  • Presents  a significant knowledge base for clinicians on when to act, along with  patient management guidelines for patients with obesity and potential  risk factors
  • Contains  new scientific data and findings for researchers that identify the  molecular mechanisms and links behind the development of malignancy