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The Mindful Photographer: Awake in the World with a Camera, David Ulrich, 1681988410, 9781681988412

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فرمت فایل: EPUB + Converted PDF
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Discover your voice, cultivate mindful awareness, and inspire creative growth with photography
In The Mindful Photographer, teacher, author, and photographer David Ulrich follows up on the success of his previous book, Zen Camera, by offering photographers, smartphone camera users, and other cultural creatives 55 short (1-5 pages) essays on topics related to photography, mindfulness, personal growth, creativity, and cultivating personal and social awareness. Whether you’re seeking to become a better photographer, find your voice, enhance your ability to “see” the world around you, realize your full potential, or refine your personal expression, The Mindful Photographer can help you. You will learn to: • Awaken your creative spirit • Find joy and fulfillment with a camera • Improve your photography • Express your deepest vision of the world • Learn to be more present in the moment • Deepen your capacity for observation • Gain insight into your self and others • Cultivate mindful seeing • Use your camera as a tool for change • Enhance your visual literacy • And much more
You can read this beautiful, richly illustrated book in order, following its inherent structure, or you can dive into the book anywhere that appeals to you, following your own stream of interest. No matter how you read and work through the book―many of the essays contain exercises, working practices, and quotes from well-known photographers―you will learn to deepen your engagement with the world and discover a rich source of creativity within you through the act of taking pictures