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The Mindfulness Workout: A Guide to Mental Fitness by Jamie Hatley . ISBN: B088PFHJFW

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THE MINDFULNESS WORKOUT: A Guide to Mental Fitness

6 pack, broad shoulder, firm thighs, strong biceps; how about mental fitness?

Perfect health flows from a sound mind first before stretching to the physical parts of the body. Mental Fitness First; Physical Fitness next!

The Mindfulness Workout is the perfect guide carefully prepared for everyone interested in having an all-round perfection in the mind and the external body.

Benefits of following this guide

INTRODUCTION TO MENTAL FITNESS | This guide comprises tips that would help you differentiate mental fitness from physical fitness. It is set to accurately inform you and make you verify and confirm how to fit and sound you are mentally, and how prepared you are to be fit physically.

IMPACT OF SOCIAL NETWORK ON MENTAL FITNESS | The Mindfulness Workout: A Guide to Mental Fitness will expose you to unknown facts about how healthy social networks can give your mental state a huge boost. It contains some important facts that naturally would be overlooked but upon careful consideration, contains premium benefits.

HOW EXERCISE CAN CONTRIBUTE TO MENTAL FITNESS | This guide can be regarded as an all-encompassing guide; it informs you of some effective exercises that not only boost the human physique but elevate the mental states of people. It informs about how exercise can help impact your mental state positively and which set of exercises are good for this purpose.

OTHER WAYS TO BECOME MENTALLY FITTER AND TOUGHER IN LIFE | The Mindfulness Workout: A Guide to Mental Fitness covers a large number of areas on revealing the various other ways one can become mentally fit and how one can be more confident in life altogether.

EXTRA KNOWLEDGE ON THE BEST FOODS TO BOOST YOUR MENTAL FITNESS | This guide comprises some carefully selected foods that have been researched and deemed appropriate for enriching both the mental build-up and physical build-up of their followers. These foods are regular day-to-day meals that have been overlooked for what they are capable of performing in the human body.


The Mindfulness Workout; A guide to mental fitness is a short but power-packed guide divided into five easy-to-understand chapters, each with various sections that enhance the readability and comprehension of the reader.

“It’s time to boost your mental fitness.” Before you get to the end of this book ensure that you get a jotter and document every positive change you observe in your mind and body. Beyond doubt, you’re set to become fitter than you were before picking up this guide! Don’t leave this page without grabbing a copy for yourself and loved ones, something better is about to happen!

Year: 2020
Language: English
Format: EPUB, Converted PDF