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The Oxford Handbook of Parasocial Experiences

Rebecca Tukachinsky Forster, 0197650678, 9780197650677, 978-0197650677

English | 2023 | PDF

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The Oxford Handbook of Parasocial Experiences examines how audiences  psychologically relate to people they see in the media. Specifically,  the term Parasocial Experiences (PSEs) is used to refer to parasocial  relationships (PSRs) and parasocial internactions (PSIs). This Handbook  offers a thorough synthesis of the fast-growing, international, and  multidisciplinary research of PSEs, celebrating the field's  accomplishments to date but also outlining a blueprint for future  growth.
The book is organized in six sections covering: (1)  theoretical, conceptual, and operational definitions of PSEs; (2)  theoretical models and state-of-the-art review of research on PSEs  across the lifespan; (3) the effects of PSEs on media users' self and  their social life; (3) the effects of PSEs in various contexts such as  health, politics, and marketing; and (4) identifying understudied areas  of research that call for further investigation such as comparative  cross-cultural research. Across the thematic chapters, the authors  debate several overarching critical theoretical issues in PSEs research,  such as the boundaries between parasocial and social phenomena and the  distinctions between PSEs and other forms of involvement with media. The  book also includes a hands-on methodological chapter that provides  detailed information about measurement and manipulation of PSEs.  Offering state-of-the-art research in the field written by leading  scholars, The Oxford Handbook of Parasocial
Experiences is crucial reading for anyone interested in this new area of study.