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The Psychology of Perfectionism in Sport, Dance, and Exercise

Andrew P. Hill, 9781032263786, 9781032255903, 9781003288015, 978-1032263786, 978-1032255903, 978-1003288015

English | 2023 | PDF

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This extensively revised and updated edition offers a comprehensive  account of the latest research and practice issues relating to  perfectionism in sport, dance, and exercise.

The new edition of  The Psychology of Perfectionism in Sport, Dance, and Exercise includes  the latest understanding of perfectionism, its benefits and costs, and  support that can be given to those at risk to the perils of  perfectionism. The book features contributions from leading researchers  and practitioners. With nine new chapters and six updated chapters, the  book provides an exhaustive account of research, novel approaches to  studying and working with perfectionism, along with critical reflections  on key issues and controversies. The book includes a new section on  emerging approaches and concepts, as well as a revised section on  applied issues and practitioner perspectives offering three new  approaches to working with perfectionism. With chapters featuring  returning authors and new contributors with novel perspectives, this  edition will be invaluable to individuals familiar and unfamiliar with  this area of work.

This book will be an essential resource and  vital guide for students and researchers, as well as practitioners,  coaches and instructors in sport, dance, and exercise.