In the name of Allah the Merciful

The Reality Dimensions: A Model for Shaping Realities

Edgar Sargsyan, Karl Seelig, B09RVRXHBC

English | 2022 | MOBI, Converted PDF | 2 MB

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The Reality Dimensions helps you to make better daily decisions

Do  you feel that you're a victim of circumstance rather than the holder of  your right to self-determination? Do you wish that your life could be  perfect, and wish you could change a decision you made years ago.

The  Reality Dimensions is about those seemingly insignificant but important  life decisions that you make without realizing how they would affect  your destiny. The Reality Dimensions is a book about how your personal  and professional life, as well as your choices and reality, are all  entangled. The Reality Dimensions' goal is to help you predict those  life-changing decision-making moments.

The Reality Dimensions  will assist you in comprehending the "physics," nature, matter  properties, and energy that underlie such life-altering choices. The  Reality Dimensions will open your eyes and empower you to make decisions  rather than being ruled by circumstances in your life. The techniques  used in this book have the power to change your destiny by bending the  course of your life and guiding it in the direction you want it to go.  It's no surprise that the most successful individuals have a better  understanding of realities and high-achieving goals.