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The Third Culture: The Impact of AI on Knowledge, Society and Consciousness in the 21st Century

Stefan Brunnhuber, B0CLFZYPSJ, 3031481127, 9783031481123, 978-3031481123, 978-3-031-48112-3, 978-3-031-48113-0, 978-3031481130, 9783031481130

English | 2024 | PDF | 5 MB | 143 Pages

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We are currently witnessing the emergence of a ‘third culture’, driven by unprecedented developments that are changing the playing field. These include advances in AI, big data analysis and robotics. The traditional ‘two cultures’ view (S. P. Snow) distinguishes between the sciences and the humanities. The wisdoms these two cultures offer are separated from each other, with little to no interaction or mutual comprehension. However, over the past two decades, and for the first time in human history, a new, third culture has appeared. This new culture, rooted in new technologies, not only pursues its own form of rationality but also supports advances in the original two cultures, deepening and expanding our individual and collective consciousness so that we can see more and do better. It will eventually give rise to new forms of consciousness based not on biochemical signals, but on copper wires and lithium chips. These new machine intelligences will change the world and force us to realise: we are no longer alone. The human species’ position in the twenty-first century will be fundamentally redefined: not as a conductor leading the orchestra, but a single string player within it.