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Time-Synchronized Control: Analysis and Design: Coordination of Time and State

Dongyu Li, Shuzhi Sam Ge, Tong Heng Lee, 9811630887, 9789811630880, 978-9811630880

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English | 2022 | PDF

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Previous research on fixed/finite-time sliding-mode control focuses on  forcing a system state (vector) to converge within a certain time  moment, regardless of how each state element converges. This book  introduces a control problem with unique finite/fixed-time stability  considerations, namely time-synchronized stability, where at the same  time, all the system state elements converge to the origin, and  fixed-time-synchronized stability, where the upper bound of the  synchronized settling time is invariant with any initial state.  Accordingly, sufficient conditions for (fixed-) time-synchronized  stability are presented. These stability formulations grant essentially  advantageous performance when a control system (with diversified  subsystems) is expected to accomplish multiple actions synchronously,  e.g., grasping with a robotic hand, multi-agent simultaneous  cooperation, etc. Further, the analytical solution of a (fixed)  time-synchronized stable system is obtained and discussed. Applications  to linear systems, disturbed nonlinear systems, and network systems are  provided. In addition, comparisons with traditional fixed/finite-time  sliding mode control are suitably detailed to showcase the full power of  (fixed-) time-synchronized control.