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Understanding The Cold War: History, Approaches And Debates

Elspeth O'Riordan, 3031060741, 9783031060748, 303106075X, 9783031060755, 978-3031060748, 978-3031060755

English | 2023 | PDF

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This book provides an advanced introduction to the Cold War, assessing  its origins, development and conclusion as a dynamic interaction between  superpower confrontation and complex regional and local situations.   The evolution of the subject’s scholarly debate is discussed throughout  and the contest situated alongside enduring historical themes including  decolonisation, development, nationalism and globalisation.  Regional  case studies, on Europe, East and Southeast Asia, Latin America and the  Middle East, illuminate the Cold War’s global reach.  Thematic analysis  considers competition in military, strategic and economic spheres, as  well as in aspects of culture, ideology, society, and Human Rights. The  Cold War’s transnational elements and facets of international  cooperation are also highlighted.  The book unpacks the subject’s  extensive scholarly discourse, underlining the interdisciplinary  character of today’s Cold War historiography and the importance of  understanding that its development has been informed by a vibrant  interface between international history, international relations and the  Cold War itself.